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Lifeboat Compass in French Wood

Lifeboat Compass In French Wood

95.49 USD
The solid bronze gimbaled compass rests inside an expertly hand troubled, French finished box. Made of Wood, Brass, and Glass. French Wood Finish. 4.7 in. W x 4.7 in. D x 3.3 in. H. The North Atlantic is an unforgiving place. Freak storms, fog banks, and weather that is severe...

5 in. Ship's Bell in Bronze

5 In. Ship's Bell In Bronze

87.37 USD
Made of Brass with Cotton rope. Bronze Finish. 4.7 in. Dia. x 5 in. H. The helmsman rings the ship's bell for every half hour of the four-hour ship's watch. A ship is a round-the-clock functioning, then ship's crews work four hours on and four hours off. To change the...

Empress Reading Magnifying Glass in Bronze

Empress Reading Magnifying Glass In Bronze

99.45 USD
Made of Brass as well as Glass. Bronze Finish. 9.3 in. W x 3.1 in. D x 8.1 in. H. Conversation has experienced its recommended etiquette. During the late Victorian era and into the Belle poque one's monocle served to intimidate and downside. A houseguest that overstayed his welcome....

73.2 in. Sopwith Propeller

73.2 In. Sopwith Propeller

221.31 USD
Made from wood. Honey finish. 73.2 in. H 8.3 lbs. . The Sopwith was the mainstay fighter-plane of the British and USA air forces during the early 1900s. Brightly painted in various national colors, it ruled the skies for a number of years. Some of the propellers were later...