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deflecto DuoMat Carpet/Hard Floor Chairmat

Deflecto Duomat Carpet/hard Floor Chairmat

28.39 USD
Versatile chairmat with a lip is designed to safeguard both carpet as well as hard floor surfaces. Stud-free SuperGrip covering has twice the grip than regular Deflecto studs on mats. Exclusive SuperGrip coating stops mat from moving on floors that are challenging. DuoMat Chairmat offers durable shelter from chair scuffs...

deflecto Caddy Organizer

Deflecto Caddy Organizer

17.87 USD
Caddy manager includes an integrated handle/locking process that enables on-the-go storage. Removable storage containers are built with hinged, snap-tight lids to secure your supplies. Each compartment additionally mounts on the wall utilizing a mounting bar sold separately for versatile storage. White caddy as well as the provided three...

deflecto Medium Pile Clear SuperMat

Deflecto Medium Pile Clear Supermat

33.65 USD
Delivering superior performance, the SuperMat is a status statement for the mainstream specialist. This particular chairmat with lip safeguards medium-pile carpets from damage. Design provides effortless chair action with a clear roll edge. Studded bottom grips the mats and so the mat stays put. Regular lip methods 19 x...