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Diversey General Purpose Spotter

Diversey General Purpose Spotter

33.55 USD
All-purpose, water-based spotter is fortified with hydrogen peroxide to rapidly take away a broad range of soils from carpeting. Low-residue formula will not resoil your carpet and simplifies the rinsing process. A sophisticated blend of detergents plus solvents powerfully eliminate difficult, set-in stains. Mild substances enable you to safely wash...

Diversey Suma Supreme Pot/Pan Detergent Refill

Diversey Suma Supreme Pot/pan Detergent Refill

71.44 USD
Dish detergent features a super-concentrated, high-active formula which offers excellent grease-cutting functionality to cut through your greasiest planting containers, pans, and food prep utensils. Heavy, durable suds labor to quickly clean grease and foods residue from soiled surfaces. Detergent is ideal for industries in foodservice, education, healthcare, lodging and other...