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Dritz Clothing Care Thermal Thimbles 3/Pkg-Blue

Dritz Clothing Care Thermal Thimbles 3/pkg-blue

8.23 USD
DRITZThermal Thimbles Protect your fingers from heating with winter thimbles Designed to suit the index finger and thumb on both hand these heatresistant Thermal Thimbles help you press your clothes and fabrics without burning your fingers These are not meant for use with needles or maybe sharp objects This program...

Dritz Bra Strap Holder-Clear

Dritz Bra Strap Holder-clear

5.32 USD
DRITZBra Strap Holder This handy strap stops your bra straps from falling off your shoulders or maybe being seen while wearing either strapless or thin strap shoulder tops Available in an assortment of sizes this distinct strap comes with minimal elasticity which makes it much more comfy than some other...