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14k Gold Vermeil Moonstone Ring - Vivacity

14k Gold Vermeil Moonstone Ring - Vivacity

7.00 USD
Vivacity is a gold as well as moonstone ring which will make convinced you are updated with the trends, and try to shielded from harm. It is a dual bundle with moon's blessings and yellow gold's style statement. The moonstone cabochon in pear shape applied to this particular ring...

925 Sterling Silver - Coexist Good Karma Chakra Ring

925 Sterling Silver - Coexist Good Karma Chakra Ring

23.00 USD
Coexisting has always been the top priority but the planet seems to be forgetting it by beginning groupism in the title of religion. The goal of religion was to make us moral beings, not hate people who have an alternative religion. This particular sterling silver ring states all of the...

Moonstone Ring-Sparkling Shell

Moonstone Ring-sparkling Shell

10.00 USD
Boho as well as retro moonstone silver jewelryStraight out of the realm of rainbows and seashells, Sparkling Shell Moonstone Ring is one of our most cherished rings. The oval moonstone flanked by rope patterned wire peeps out of the environment just enough to provide you with an ideal glimpse of...

Moonstone Ring-Gossamer-S

Moonstone Ring-gossamer-s

10.00 USD
Different silver moonstone rings will appear before you but this is one of those rings which will help make you turn around and also have a different look. Ithasa distinct looking framework and a petite round moonstone to include only a tinge of magic.Moonstones are known for their aesthetic qualities...

14k Rose Gold Vermeil Opal Ring-Luck

14k Rose Gold Vermeil Opal Ring-luck

16.00 USD
Opal rings do not come some easier and more advanced than this particular affable portion of art. Our 14k rose gold vermeil is one of the finest in industry because the layer of rose gold is extremely heavy over sterling silver and it is clearly seen as well as experienced....

Moonstone Ring-Honest Stars

Moonstone Ring-honest Stars

12.00 USD
This particular rainbow moonstone ring features a thick sterling silver band that provides it the strength to really make it keep going longer than delicate rings as well as allows it double as a thumb ring. Moonstone is provided in round cab-cut type in a very neat way that may...