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ipg Polymer Manual Water-activated Tape Dispenser

Ipg Polymer Manual Water-activated Tape Dispenser

455.61 USD
Manual water-activated tape dispenser includes a sharp guillotine blade to supply really clean, actually cutting of reinforced as well as nonreinforced tape sold separately . Two water brushes provide helpful, even adhesive wetting for consistent performance. Cost-effective design necessitates just one strip of water-activated tape to create a protected...

ipg Medium Duty Water-activated Tape

Ipg Medium Duty Water-activated Tape

94.06 USD
Medium-duty tape adheres instantly to both virgin and reused fiber surfaces to produce a quick harmful bond. Starch-based adhesive boldy bonds to corrugated cartons, even in dusty or dirty locations. Durable building isn't affected by extreme hot or maybe temperatures that are cold to enable use in all weather conditions....