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Balsa Wood Sheet 36

Balsa Wood Sheet 36"-1/4"x4"

7.94 USD
MIDWESTBalsa Wood Sheet This is a premium quality wood for the construction of models doll houses bazaar crafts and so much more Balsa wood is carefully dried in special kilns reducing the water content to leave a light wood with a high strength to weight ratio The premier wood for...

Balsa Wood Block 12

Balsa Wood Block 12"-1"x1"

5.05 USD
MIDWESTBalsa Wood Block This is a premium quality timber for the building of styles doll houses bazaar crafts and a lot more Balsa wood is meticulously dried in special kilns lowering the water content to keep a light wood with a high toughness to industry ratio The premier timber for...

Plywood Slat-3.5

Plywood Slat-3.5"x.25"x36"

23.73 USD
These Slats Actually are Smooth And Are already Cut Into A handy Size They will Work Great In Any Wood Craft Project You are Doing This Package Contains Five 35X25X36 Inch Wooden Slats Warning Drilling Sawing Sanding Or maybe Machining Wood Products Can Expose You In order to Wood Dust...