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5 in. Japanese Stainless Steel Curved Cutter

5 In. Japanese Stainless Steel Curved Cutter

36.36 USD
Reduce strain during outdoor work. Fashioned with an ultra-sharp stainless steel blade, it performs with precision and is able to maneuver in hard-to-reach areas. Effective look with much handle and also sharpness of the Japanese stainless steel blade is successful in cutting through weed growth, grass, soil, and much more....

6.75 in. Triangle Hoe

6.75 In. Triangle Hoe

35.23 USD
Make use of a push motion to chop unwanted weeds off below the dirt surface. Lightweight and comfortable black and lacquered plastic handle. Made from stainless steel. Produced in Japan. Warranty Two years. Absolutely no assembly required. Blade 6.75 in. Plastic-made handle 12 in.. Overall 15.25...