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Royal Coat Satin Decoupage Finish-8oz Clear

Royal Coat Satin Decoupage Finish-8oz Clear

9.60 USD
PLAIDRoyal Coat Decoupage Finish Provides outcomes that are great on a range of surfaces Utilize it as an adhesive to adhere cutouts then brush it on for a fast build up Only two coats are adequate to safeguard as well as submerge your designs More coats will be included for...

Paint By Number Kit 16

Paint By Number Kit 16"x20"-enchanted Woods

22.44 USD
This offers hours of fun for the entire family Just match the paint color number on the printed number on the canvas and fill in This program includes 405oz of acrylic paint a preprinted textured art form board paintbrush trilingual directions as well as chart Design sizing 16x20 in Conforms...

FolkArt Home Decor Texture Chalk Paint 8oz-Island Indigo

Folkart Home Decor Texture Chalk Paint 8oz-island Indigo

14.08 USD
Easily achieve that coveted old world vintage experience This thick textured paint adds dimension to the project exterior which may be layered troubled glazed and also waxed to create a timeworn look The waterbased nontoxic paint needs little surface prep and dries to an ultramatte chalklike surface For indoor use...

FolkArt Glitterific Glitter Paint 2oz-Tropical

Folkart Glitterific Glitter Paint 2oz-tropical

6.68 USD
FolkArt Glitterific includes several measurement glitter particles suspended in a really clear foundation to create probably the most dazzling glitter paint available today Use this particular formulation on wood metallic cup canvas paper ornamental fabrics or maybe strict plastic This program has 2 fl oz of glitter color Available in...