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Soil Logic Liquid Gypsum and Drought Defense RTS w/refill combo

Soil Logic Liquid Gypsum And Drought Defense Rts W/refill Combo

54.99 USD
Our Best Value! This particular combination has our two most popular products, Liquid Gypsum and Drought Defense, which come in an easy-to-apply 32 ounce quart Ready-To-Spray RTS container, with additional 32 ounce quart refill plastic bottles. Use together or individually to soften your soil...

Soil Logic Drought Defense - 32 ounce RTS/32 ounce refill combo

Soil Logic Drought Defense - 32 Ounce Rts/32 Ounce Refill Combo

28.99 USD
Employ Drought Defense for moisture control of lawns, plant life, trees and orchards! This particular impressive product cuts down on the quantity of moisture required to irrigate with monthly applications. Simple to put on - simply squirt, water in, and go! This particular combination offers one 1 32...