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Portable Thermal Cooker

Portable Thermal Cooker

75.44 USD
Non-electric. Stainless steel inner and outer pot. Cooks constant for 10 to 30 minutes after heating. Keeps cold or warm for up to 8 hours. Will save electricity costs as well as planning time. 30 more energy efficient than pressure cooker. Capacity 6 liters. Warranty One...

Wand Massager in Pink

Wand Massager In Pink

49.25 USD
Ergonomic and Lightweight look for use on all of areas of the body. Detachable power cord to exchange. Soft head, supple action for maximum sensation. 4 pace selections 1 knocking and 3 vibration velocities up to 6000 rpm . Detachable 100-240V Universal AC power adaptor. Muscle relaxation as...