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Torbot M9 Urinary System Cleaner 7736

Torbot M9 Urinary System Cleaner 7736

176.99 USD
Torbot 7736 Provide optimum comfort as well as safety with the M9 Urinary System Cleaner by Torbot. It may be used in ostomy pouches to remove bad odors or perhaps unpleasant, undesirable odors from incontinence issues. Hollister m9 odor eliminator squirt can help neutralize disagreeable smells in the environment...

Torbot Osto Gel MOCOG100

Torbot Osto Gel Mocog100

24.99 USD
Torbot MOCOG100 Provide high quality odor protection with The Coloplast Alpine Reusable Latex Leg Bag. It features two levels of protection. The very first level hair in substance even though the second layer traps odor. The Alpine urine bag includes a twist style outlet along with a rapid release bottom...