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WD-40 490026 WD-40 Lubricant w/Smart Straw ~ 8 oz

Wd-40 490026 Wd-40 Lubricant W/smart Straw ~ 8 Oz

49.48 USD
b WD-40 SMART STRAW LUBRICANT /b br br ul li Original WD-40 with built in Smart Straw /li li Permanently attached Smart Straw sprays 2 methods /li li Flip in place for stream and down for squirt /li...

WD-40 Multi-use Product Lubricant

Wd-40 Multi-use Product Lubricant

7.86 USD
WD-40 features an intelligent straw which sprays two ways that are different for effective application to an assortment of locations. Multipurpose formulation offers a huge number of uses throughout your home or workplace. Moisture-displacing design quickly dries out electric systems to get rid of moisture-induced short circuits. Corrosion-resistant ingredients shield...