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X-Acto Retract-A-Blade No. 1 Knife

X-acto Retract-a-blade No. 1 Knife

9.06 USD
Fully retractable blade features a safe, retractable No. 11 blade. Quickly replace the blade as you would with virtually any X-Acto No. 11 blade. The knife is ideal for delicate, accuracy sawing and trimming of lightweight components, like paper, plastic, balsa, thin metal, cloth and film. The gentle, triangle-shaped comfort...

Wholesale X-Acto Knives & Blades: Discounts on Elmer's X-Acto X-Light EPIX3279

Wholesale X-acto Knives & Blades: Discounts On Elmer's X-acto X-light Epix3279

8.58 USD
LED light creates development on the traditional style of this No. 1 blade and No. 11 blade for improved accuracy in dimly lit workstations. Quality sharpened co2 steel enables you to make detailed, meticulous slices. Sleek, soft-touch grip is the ideal accent piece for just about any table. Trigger the...