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Concentrated Candle Dye .75oz Block-Fuchsia

Concentrated Candle Dye .75oz Block-fuchsia

4.99 USD
YaleyConcentrated Candle Dye After your wax is completely melted shave some of the dye blocks into the melted wax and stir well To get an idea of the color concentration place a few drops of wax onto a piece of white paper The wax will immediately set up and give...

Concentrated Candle Dye Blocks Wine

Concentrated Candle Dye Blocks Wine

5.68 USD
Focused Candle Dye After Your Wax Is totally Melted Shave Some of The Dye Blocks Into The Melted Wax And Stir Well In order to Purchase an Idea Of The Color Concentration Place A few Drops Of Wax Onto A piece of White Paper The Wax Will Immediately Create And...

Premium Candle Wax 4lb Block-White

Premium Candle Wax 4lb Block-white

26.22 USD
YALEY ENTERPRISESPremium Candle Wax This premium quality wax was specially created for use in molded candles It is unsurpassed for this particular use This wax provides better mold discharge sleek as well as blister free surfaces as well as the reduced splaying activity is likely to give a longer burning...